PARTsolutions strategic parts management

Reuse Your Engineering Components

PARTsolutions strategic part management engineering tools for manufacturers.

Reuse Existing Parts

Parts Reuse Powered by Rich-Data. Save engineering and procurement costs by reusing existing parts rather than introducing new ones. When a new part is needed, PARTsolutions automatically checks existing systems to ensure no duplicates are created.

Take Control of Your Digital Parts Master Data

Shape Search

Give Engineers the ability to search and find parts their way, using Geometry, Topology, Sketch, Full-text or Dimensions.


Eliminate duplicates, erroneous and obsolete parts that are slowing your engineers down.

Reuse CAD Data

Save time by enabling engineers to find and deploy approved parts instead of searching or recreating.

Consolidate Parts

Enable your purchasing department to identify duplicate and consolidate purchasing using pricing data from ERP.

Access Supplier Content

Quickly search and source from 800 manufacturer-certified catalogs of CAD content.


Unify and link CAD, PDM, PLM, and ERP systems to create an ecosystem powered by rich data.

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