What is ASME?

ASME, or The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is a non-profit organization, founded in 1880, focused on providing engineers with collaboration, skill-sharing, and education. The organization strives to push the industry towards better technology and engineering engagement.

ASME B18 Standard

Safety is a top priority for any engineering project involving transportation or machinery operating in high-stress environments. Fasteners are a common fail point, especially in the aerospace industry. Testing parts for use in such projects can take a lot of time and require a sizeable monetary investment. 


Because of the burden of safety and stress testing, many engineers opt to use fastener specifications that have already passed testing requirements. These fasteners are known as industry standards, and Standards Development Organizations or SDOs certify the specifications. 


One standard with wide adoption in aerospace, automotive, marine, and many other applications is the ASME B18 fastener standards. The B18 standard includes: 


  • Square head bolts
  • Hex bolts
  • Heavy hex bolts
  • Askew head bolts
  • Hex cap screws
  • Heavy hex screws
  • Hex flange screws
  • Lobed head screws
  • Lag screws.


This standard was developed and is maintained by ASME.

Industry Standards Certified CAD Models

Access Industry Standard 3D Models

Get access to certified 3D CAD models of the NAS Parts Library, SAE AS standard, and the ASME B18 fastener standard as well as the ASME B18.24 PIN code lookup software.

A unique feature of the ASME B18 standard compared to other fasteners standards is it has a Part Identifying Number (PIN) code for each variation. This allows engineers to find the right part and helps suppliers ensure the parts they manufacture have the correct specifications.


ASME B18.24 is the standard system for identifying the PIN. The string of letters and numbers that make up the PIN code account for all variations, including material and finish. This helps engineers to be ultra-specific about the ASME B18 standards they spec into their designs by using the B18.24 PIN code system.


Why is ASME B18.24 important? One example of why the ASME B18.24 standard is important was highlighted by a military requirement in 2020. The US military is in the process of eliminating chromium-plated fasteners on all military vehicles over the next 10-years. They are using the ASME B18 standard and will request parts using the ASME B18.24 PIN codes to ensure they get the right material and finish on the replacement parts. Deciphering the PIN codes will be essential for suppliers and manufacturers working on this project.


The PIN code system also helps engineering departments standardize the parts they use across designs.


Using the ASME B18.24 standard ensures that the correct part is spec’d into a design, purchased, and manufactured. There is one glaring issue using the standard; it can be hard to interpret the PIN code. You have to dig through a standards spec sheet line by line to determine the correct sting of letters and numbers. Manual PIN code lookup is time-consuming for engineers and is prone to human error.

ASME B18.24 PIN Code Lookup Software by CADENAS PARTsolutions

How can manufacturing companies decipher the ASME B18.24 PIN codes they receive from customers? CADENAS PARTsolutions created ASME B18.24 PIN code lookup software to solve this problem. Users can either use a PIN code to find the specific part or configure the part to their specifications and find the correct PIN code for the part they configured.


Either way, users can view a 3D model of the part and download a 3D PDF with the specifications, a 3D preview, and 2D views. They can also download a certified CAD model in over 150 native CAD formats.

See how the ASME B18.24 PIN code software works in the video below:

Here is an example of the ASME B18.24 PIN code lookup software

After entering the PIN code – AEB39C438B12AP5A11 – and hitting ‘commit,’ the software pulls up the related metadata for that specific PIN code.

ASME B18.24 PIN code lookup

Users can identify which part is associated with that PIN code, find the part in the standard source documents, and other information like the material and finish. There is a button labeled ‘Load the part’ in the bottom right-hand corner of the dialog box. Users can hit that button to see a 3D preview of the part.

ASME B18.24 PIN code lookup with CAD preview.

If the user is satisfied with the part, they can download the part in their preferred CAD format or download a PDF document. If they need to make changes, they can use the built-in configurator to adjust the part and generate the correct PIN code.

Example of configuring a part and generating an ASME B18.24 PIN code

Users can configure a part using the drop downs and menu variables, as seen in the image below. This is the configuration for the ASME B18.24 PIN code: AEB39C438B12AP5A11.

ASME B18.24 PIN code lookup Configurations 1

The length and material were adjusted in the image below, and the software automatically changed several fields to remain within the ASME B18 spec.

Configuration 2

The software updates the 3D preview in real-time. Users can download the CAD model or PDF at any time during the process.

ASME B18 configuration 2.

Users can view the updated ASME B18.24 PIN code and other metadata in the software’s ASME window. The PIN code was updated to AEB39C438A62UA9A11 after the configuration was completed.


Find ASME B18 Parts and B18.24 PIN Codes with Content Drill-Down

Users can drill-down, starting with high-level categories to find the right ASME B18 standard parts. They can configure the part to their specific needs and find the associated B18.24 PIN code.

Content Drill-Down

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