Overview & Value

Stop Searching. Start Finding. Save Millions.

Find, reuse and control standard parts

You’ve leaned out your manufacturing processes and supply chain. What about your engineering and purchasing processes? Don’t waste thousands of engineering hours searching for standard parts or redesigning them. Stop creating bottlenecks in purchasing with unapproved supplier parts and inaccurate materials info. Get PURCHINEERING from PARTsolutions – the next level of lean.

PURCHINEERING connects design engineers and purchasing departments through a central commercial electronic parts catalog that’s accessible across the enterprise. Stop searching. Start finding. Save millions. Find, reuse and control standard parts with PURCHINEERING.

This simple chart illustrates our solutions and shows the value to engineering and purchasing:

PARTsolutions electronic parts catalog


For Engineering

Multi-CAD design teams can save thousands of hours by accessing a single authoritative source of standard commercial parts. Engineers can instantly find and access all the commercial parts they need and download them in more than 150 native and neutral formats including all the big dogs – Autodesk, Solidworks, ProEngineer, CATIA, NX, SolidEdge, Revit and more.

PURCHINEERING enables you to implement product standardization across your organization and eliminate unnecessary rework and duplicate parts.

For Purchasing

Purchasing departments get unprecedented control and purchasing power for commercial parts. The PARTsolutions PURCHINEERING system enables purchasing departments to control access to approved parts, enforce compliance with approved suppliers, ensure order accuracy and enable leveraged purchasing with strategic suppliers.


  • Costs are reduced permanently and effectively
  • Processes are accelerated
  • Multiple duplicate parts are reduced
  • All information is available at a glance
  • Find instead of search
  • More freedom for creative ideas = Engineering instead of managing
  • Spares sales resources

70% of controllable product costs can be traced back to planning during the development phase

The PURCHINEERING electronic parts catalog system by CADENAS PARTsolutions helps you achieve maximum savings potential.

Plugs In to Your Existing Enterprise Systems


The PURCHINEERING system from PARTsolutions plugs right into your PLM, PDM and ERP systems and shares data across your other enterprise systems.