ASME B18.24 Digital Fastener Catalog Demo

A short video demo of the ASME B18.24 catalog features

Since its launch, we’ve received a lot of interest in the ASME B18.24 digital fastener catalog. Many are looking to take it to the next level by getting a few questions answered or by checking-out a live demo.

Featuring our ace techno-genius, Jeff Abell, the video shows users just how easy it is to spec, configure and place ASME B18.24 fasteners into a design (even if you aren’t a techno-genius). What’s better than that? How about it also generates the correct 18-digit PIN code for your fastener configuration and populates the part right into your assembly tree!

ASME B18.24 Digital Fastener Catalog Features:

  • Decipher existing 18 digit PIN into a complete description of every characteristic; just paste in your PIN
  • Configure a new fastener and PIN by selecting all the possible features and options
  • Provide 3D dynamic visualization of any fastener
  • Assign material and finish properties
  • Automatically get a native CAD model of any fastener in virtually any CAD system, 2D views or 3D models. Even graphics formats for documents and illustrations can be created.


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